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Sto blue phasers

Discussion in ' Scripting ' started by cruisingMay 11, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. We are looking for feedback on the experimental Unity Safe Mode which is aiming to help you resolve compilation errors faster during project startup. Come check them out and ask our experts any questions!

Joined: Nov 22, Posts: I have made some Star Trek phaser beams for my ship, the shoting part works as it should do. The beams starting point is set to the 6 lower beam banks on the ship, when you press spacebar you see the blue phaser from the exact point you have sett them to start from.

Its like you leave the beam lines there while you moving away from them. I made it work this way 1: i have the "PlayerShooting" script on the space ship with the phaser prefab draged to the script. Please help me "Lock" the beams at the BeamPoints. Collections. RenderLaser transform. Cross targetVector, Vector3.

SetPosition 0startPos. AngleAxis Random. Range 0. CheckInput. Fire. GetKeyDown "space". Play. Instantiate beamPrefab, lowerCenterBeamPoint.

Instantiate beamPrefab, lowerRightBeamPoint. Instantiate beamPrefab, lowerLeftBeamPoint. Last edited: May 11, Joined: Sep 8, Posts: I think we might need more information how do your beams work? Are they instant or do they travel at a certain distance?

If I recall Star Trek correctly, their laser beams are instant. But I guess you want your beams to: 1. Follow your projectile as they are traveling to your opponent. Follow your cannon from where they were shot. Code CSharp :. SetPosition 0source. SetPosition 1thisTransform. FajlworksMay 11, If you want instant laser beams, you can then do this: Code CSharp :.

SetPosition 1target.A type-2 phaser or phaser pistol was a typical hand-held directed-energy phaser sidearm used by Starfleet and United Federation of Planets personnel during the 23rd24th and 29th centuries.

More powerful and generally larger in size than the type 1 phasertype 2 phasers were kept aboard Starfleet and Federation starshipsstarbasesspace stationsand at planetary facilities. A descendant of the EM weapons and phase-pistols of the 22nd century, the type 2 phaser was introduced before the midrd century and was standard issue aboard Starfleet vessels by the s. Since their introduction to Starfleet personnel, several models and makes have been produced.

Utilized primarily in defensive situations, the phaser type-2 had several applications, from use as a weapon to use as a cutting tool, explosive device, or energy source. Storing considerable energy, most phasers were distinguished by a roughly pistol or gun -type configuration, firing a focused energy discharge in the form of a beam or steady stream.

In the early sprior to the invention of the phaser weapon, and following the formation of the Federation, phase pistols were discontinued and a new weapon was used by Starfleet. Star Trek Beyond. The type 2 phaser was also preceded by laser pistolswhich were in use by Starfleet in Star Trek: Discovery.

As early as the sFederation type 2 phasers were characterized by an unmistakably gun-like appearance. Unlike the majority of its progeny, the type-2 phaser of the s — and later the s — featured an integrated companion, top-mounted type-1 hand phaser. TOS : " The Devil in the Dark ", " The Omega Glory " A type 2 phaser of the late s was capable of firing an energy beam with a heat emission of eight thousand degrees centigrade.

Type-2 phasers of this period were, like later models, capable of power adjustment. Beam intensity and even speed and motion could be altered, depending on the intended function.

They could be utilized to produce a cutting beamcapable of slicing through a bulkheador to generate a phaser "spread". The energy from a s model could also be drained a process which took several hours and used as a power source. The energy from six phasers was capable of launching a small vessel or shuttlecraft into an unsustainable orbit around a planet for several hours. Adjustments could be made by a small knob at the rear of the device, and one on the front of the left side.

When overloaded, a s type 2 phaser had the capacity to destroy a significant portion of a starship. The destructive power of the type-2 phaser of this era has been measured in thousands of lives, when large numbers of Yangs were killed on the planet Omega IV in Proconsul Claudius Marcusof planet IV 's equivalent of the Roman Empirenoted that men armed with hand phasers could "defeat the combined armies of Rome.

Trelane once observed that, in his opinion, a Type 2 phaser "could kill millions". During the period ranging between the late s and the early sat least three type-2 phaser variants were put into service aboard Federation starships and space stations. Consisting of single-piece and phaser type-1 and type-2 combination units, most phasers of this time were characterized by a dark-gray coloration, some with a number of control buttons allowing adjustments to be made for the desired affect.

Functioning similarly to the s-style type 2 phaser, the phaser-2 models of this period were powerful enough to vaporize targets up to the size of an average humanoid and could throw a stunned individual several feet in certain circumstances. Bytype 2 phasers had become sleek, black models with removable clips at the handle. They were stowed in equipment lockers aboard Federation starships and shuttlecraft, though they would trigger an alarm if fired at certain settings.

A phaser of this design, fired on stun at close range, was lethal. In the alternate reality created in by Nerothe alternate s version of the type 2 phaser became silver, albeit with a body reminiscent of the original design, with a rotating barrel for switching between stun and kill settings. Star Trek. Karnas of Mordan IV displayed several weapons on a wall behind his desk in Among them were two phasers, one a Starfleet type 2 phaser.

Phasers of this type remained in sporadic use into the 24th century; Dirgo carried several 23rd-century type 2 phasers aboard his shuttle in Type-2 hand phaser, s. Phasers were the most common and standard directed energy weapon in the arsenal of Starfleet and several other powers. TNG : " Descent " Based on the intensity and field of the beam and a variety of adjustments, a wide variety of effects could be achieved. Phaser technology used by Starfleet was preceded by phase-modulated particle weapons in the mid- 22nd centuryincluding such weapons as the hand-held phase-pistol and ship-mounted phase cannon.

Laser weaponssuch as the laser pistolwere also used before phasers became the standard-issue weapon in the Starfleet arsenal. Rose holding a Type 2 phaser in Phaser weaponry was invented during the 23rd century. Star Trek Phaser rifles were used as early asalthough at that time officers were still armed with laser pistols. TOS : " I, Mudd ". Akira -class starship firing from a phaser array and a Defiant -class starship firing with phaser cannons. In the sphaser power systems of Federation starships were redesigned to channel power directly from the warp corethereby increasing the power output of phaser banks.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The 24th century saw many new advanced forms of phaser weaponry for the Federation, such as the ever more powerful phaser arrays that made use of multiple phaser emitter segments, the rapid-fire phaser cannons and new compression phaser rifles. DS9 : " Field of Fire ". In the 29th centuryphaser pistols were still used by Starfleet, VOY : " Relativity " but subatomic disruptors were used on timeshipssuch as the Aeonas a ship-mounted directed energy weapon.

sto blue phasers

VOY : " Future's End ". The phaser beam could stunheat, kill, or disintegrate living creatures. Phasers could damage shields or other systems or even cut through a hull.

Phasers could also be used to cut through walls and burrow through rock. The beam could be focused to a single spot or widened to impact a large area. In the nadion particle beam phasers, plasma was passed to a phaser emitter resulting in a discharge of nadion particles.

Residual particles could be found in places where a battle had recently taken place. The disruptive effects of nadion discharges were moderated to produce varying effects discussed belowranging from benign to extremely destructive. The Starfleet-issue personnel phasers came in three types: The phaser type-1 hand phaser was small and could be concealed easily.

The type 2 phaser was larger and hand-held. It had a longer hand grip or a pistol grip, depending on the model. The phaser type-3 was also known as the phaser rifle. It had a longer barrel, a stock, and some models had a second grip. Over the centuries of use, there have been several models of these weapon types.

Beyond these types, phasers were usually mounted devices, such as the type 4 phaser emitterswhich were sometimes used on Starfleet shuttlecraftall the way up to the large phaser banks and phaser arrays of starships and space stations. Various types of banks, arrays, and emitters existed, such as the more powerful phaser type-8 and the phaser cannon. Hand-held phasers were also used by Starfleet personnel as tools and not just weapons.Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Blue Phasers? In several new Voyager books and the latest Titan book the describe the Federation Phasers as being blue???

GalaxyClassApr 7, Joined: Mar 15, Didn't we already have this thread a couple of months ago? Phasers have been shown in a variety of colors in the various shows and films. ChristopherApr 7, Maybe they're using a new batch of crystals in the phaser emitters that tune the energy to a blue wavelength. Cobalt FrostApr 7, Deja vu. Authors have been getting it wrong since the first Trek novels.

Not that it really matters - a phaser is a phaser if it beams, pulses or crackles and in whatever colour. No more stupid boring orange beams! King Daniel BeyondApr 7, DimesdanApr 7, Dimesdan, I was watching a Babylon 5 yesterday and they actually did explain the colours of the beam weapons.

Something about the origin of the metals used in their construction not Trek I know, but as much a loving tribute as you're ever gonna get.

sto blue phasers

StriderApr 7, They typed "blue" instead of "red," big fracking deal. Especially since you're reading it in print and can't even see the beam!

Just imagine it whatever color you want! Don't just be a sponge and demand the author spoon-feed you every last detail. Interpret what you read.

Exercise your imagination. That's what I do when I come across a minor glitch in a Trek novel. I don't go online and scream at the authors, I just do a bit of mental editing.

sto blue phasers

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Blu-Ray Laser Phaser!

If you want to recruit members or post news about your fleet, you are free to do so. STO Trades : post and trade extremely rare or difficult to purchase items. Daystrom Research Institute : In-depth discussion of everything and anything related to the Star Trek franchise.

Treknobabble : A Star Trek multi-reddit, with discussion and images, and a hub to other Star Trek related subreddits. Blue phasers for TOS Theme. Now if they are all beam arrays this is fine.

Phaser weapons (space)

Several options quantum phase array, twin phaser arrays from the K13 starbase, andorian phasers. Broadside to your hearts content. However is you wanted to base the build on Beam: Overload and put 4 or 5 dbbs in front again easy what do you do about the back sensor-linked omni is one option can't remember if it fires a continuous "beam" or "bolts" so it may mess with the theme depending.

Torp in the back as this would be closer to cannon but i don't know of a set piece omni phaser in blue does anyone else?

STO TWOK Ship Phaser Visual/Audio

If not is there an omni beam thats roughly the right colour just not the right type? You forgot the Retrofit phaser banks that are the reward for the mission: Everything old is new. The consideration here, though, is what to put in the back if you run DBBs in front. Beam Arrays in the rear work ok-ish, but obviously can't contribute to the DBBs damage.

Torps are meh, even if they are degree torps. So what's a struggling TOS captain to do? Love the K phasers, kept them. I can't remember the Agony torp sound but they are an orange or reddish color if I remember correctly.

Sadly the only blue phaser omni is a season 1 disco style x-linked version. All others are either some shades of red or vanilla orange. I don't think any other types have set based omnis that resemble TOS phasers. Where can I get that pulse omni? I have a pulse phaser setup on one of my alts and would love to have one. Can't remember but is the Omni-Directional Antichroniton Infused Tetryon Beam Array blue as well i knows its not phaser but i suppose if the vulnerability Locators are beam not weapon specific thats fine for a single weapon especially as this wouldn't be a minmax build?

sto blue phasers

Wasn't sure about them too so I had to look them up. I am enjoying this thread as I have had similar questions.Phasers are the standard energy weapons of Federation starships and they are the starter weapons for new Federation characters.

They come in several types, as most energy weapons do in STO. Phasers deliver a consistent beam attack designed to burn down enemy shields more efficiently than kinectic weapons mines and torpedos. All phasers have a 2. All damage points shown in the tables are rated against unprotected hulls without resistences or buffs. These are normally mounted, single beam weapons that are the standard of the Federation. They deliver a precise attack shown as an orange beam.

Following some general notes about these weapons. These are normally mounted, dual beam weapons that are the standard of the Federation. They deliver a precise attack shown as twin orange beams delivering more damage than single arrays at the cost of a narrower firing arc. They deliver a powerful precise attack shown as three orange pulses delivering more damage than single arrays in terms of Damage Per Second at the cost of a narrower firing arc.

They are the second most powerful phaser weapons offered and appear as three orange phaser bolts, larger than the Phaser Cannon. Below is a grid of the specific characteristics without buffs and enhancements. No data yet on these - I assume they are dropped items.

They are the most powerful phaser weapons offered at the cost of a narrow attack arc and appear as three large orange phaser bolts. They deliver a precise attack in any direction shown as a dotted orange beam. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.Cookies will be added when logging in with "Remember Me". To see the cookies that are added, please view our Cookie Policy.

Andorian Phaser weapons (space)

We're an online community with a passion for Star Trek. We're a large collection of fans, all with the same vision as Gene Roddenberry, that together, anything is possible. Remember Me? Forgotten Password? Activity Stream Login Join Us. Views: Replies: Posted Sat 08 Oct, PM.

I'd appreciate any suggestions but I'm specifically wondering about my weapons. I'm set on Phasers for sure as I've already invested in the tac vulnerability and other phaser boosting consoles. I'm also pretty set on a "beam boat" build. Currently I'm flying the Paladin Temporal Battlecruiser but I do tend to switch ships every few months, so these weapons will move with me to whatever ship I command next. Possible replacements I'm looking at include Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated before I start using upgrades Thank You!

Dark View Profile Private Message. Warrant Officer. Eternal Servitude! Posted Tue 11 Oct, PM. You could always wait for the K holding and check out the Retro phasers? Posted Wed 12 Oct, AM. Originally Posted by Dark. Stormy View Profile Private Message. Posted Wed 12 Oct, PM. I am definitely waiting on the Artifacts content What I really need is a cupholder and a couple of Advil.

As an Engineer the ideal set is [CrtD]x3[Pen]. Going with [Dam]x3[Pen] instead best for Tactical is just a loss of roughly 0. So generally it's not really worth the cost to get the best set of mods, unless you eventually intend to get them in the long run anyway.

The odds of picking up two [CrtD] mods is extremely slim, and the cost to attempt it would be exorbitant.

Then when you get [CrtD]x2[Pen] or whatever you're looking for you toss a VR upgrade ideally Omega, but those are only from special events with a Research booster on it. It's actually pretty inexpensive to repeatedly craft Mk IIs with the occasional upgrade and booster, but it takes a toll on sanity. It's slightly easier if you're willing to accept different sets - it took me days to craft a full set 7, as I had the KCB at the time of Epics comprised of either [CrtD]x4 or [CrtD]x3[Pen].

That was me doing something else I think I was watching a movie or TV show while clicking to craft I think there were only 5 slots at the time every 15 minutes, for hours at a time over the weekend.

Of course, if you want to preserve Phaser visuals, neither of the post-script are relevant.


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