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Rfp event management

rfp event management

The Democratic National Convention will bring over 50, people from all fifty states and around the world to Milwaukee. In order to plan and successfully execute the event, The Good Land Committee, through the RFP process is seeking capable and qualified vendors to submit proposals for all major Scopes of Work to assist in the planning and execution of the event.

Below are brief summaries of the services being requested. To receive the RFP please fill out a request form to receive a non-disclosure agreement.

Event Management Proposal

The RFP will be transmitted after a signed agreement is received. Event Management. The Event Management vendor will serve as the project management and strategic planning entity for convention build out and execution. This vendor will oversee compliance with labor agreements, budget management for overall project including work done by subcontractors and other vendors, and development and management of a master project schedule. The Event Management vendor should have demonstrated experience managing large, complex, and dynamic projects that involve event management as well as construction management expertise.

Event Architect. The Event Architect will oversee interior and exterior space allocation and overlay services, ensure building occupancy and fire code requirements are maintained as spaces are designed, and manage all engineers as required. The Event Architect will also be responsible for all design drawings in the project scope and facilitating necessary permits. All bidders submitting proposals for Event Management and Event Architect services will be evaluated based on a set of criteria that will include but not be limited to:.

Company age and track record of successful business dealings. Resume of successfully completed projects within the last years. Company standing with local, state and federal governing authorities. Capability and capacity to execute the project within the projected critical path timeline.

Company financial stability. Each vendor is advised to thoroughly read the full RFP prior to providing a submission. Incomplete or nonresponsive proposals are subject to being rejected from consideration.Max Miller 39 Comments. This is great news for all planners as it shows that the demand for your talent and service is on the rise. As an event planner, it is more important than ever to know how to write an event planning proposal in order to get the attention of all clients looking for qualified and professional event planners.

Mastering this skill can really help your business take off. Planning an event requires a lot of attention to detail, scheduling, organization and follow up.

By presenting a well formatted event proposal or RFP, it subliminally shows your potential client that you have the skills they are looking for. Writing a good proposal requires the ability to understand all the fine requirements of the client. Part of the responsibility of a good planner is to create order and produce amazing results even on short deadlines.

Clients are often times unorganized and nervous about their events. With your experience and professionalism you can make a huge impact on helping clients. Keep in mind that most clients do not know what they want. They are looking for the right event planning company with a vision to assist them in planning a beautiful event. Whether it is corporate getaway, retirement party, reunion, million dollar wedding or a small budget event at the kids birthday or family gathering, it all starts with a well written proposal that describes the event.

As a professional planner or a volunteeryou should be able to sell your skills to the client through a well-researched and well written event proposal. This articles outlines guidelines when writing an even planning proposal. Start by thinking about your biggest strengths as an event planner and write those down — now make sure those make their way into the proposal either visually through photos or through text.

Even if you have an idea of what the client wants or you have planned hundreds of similar events before, the first step is having a one on one conversation with the client to find out what she wants or what she would like to accomplish during the event. During this meeting, take notes of all the logistics such as the time, desired location, date and any other key points.

Do not write an event planning proposal that reads like a formal letter. The proposal should speak directly to the client needs that you observed during your meeting. Keep in mind that you are writing the proposal specifically for your client so talk less about yourself and more about their desires for the event.

Keep in mind that your client is probably looking at a couple of other proposals from different planners and they will pick the one that best understands their needs.

Also, ensure that you include your company logo and contact information on the cover page. The proposal title is also very important especially if you are proposing for a specific company. You want to customize the title to your specific client so they do not think you have a template you use for all clients.

When a client sees this information right away it brings them reassurance that you understand their desires.Event marketers and planners are no strangers to making changes on the fly. When crisis impacts your entire program, how do you react? Going virtual can be necessary for your event program. How can you ensure attendees are engaged throughout the event?

Get this complete guide to reaching and attracting planners, managing RFPs efficiently, and maximizing your profits. Business conferences and events are changing, and traditional meeting destinations are changing along with them. Find a venue. Learn more about the new supplier network. Cvent provides easy-to-use, integrated technology solutions to maximize the impact of meetings and events of all sizes.

We help organizations plan and market events, execute onsite, engage audiences and measure and analyze results. Skip to main content. Remember my choice. Fast track your virtual meetings When you need to add virtual to your event program, Cvent can help. See how. Discover our latest group business data and signs of a brighter future.

Learn more. Trusted by the best in the industry. Cvent in the news. Read the article. As Business Conferences Change, Their Hosts Are Changing, Too Business conferences and events are changing, and traditional meeting destinations are changing along with them.

Read more. Visit the Cvent newsroom. Find the perfect venue on the new Cvent Supplier Network Find a venue Learn more about the new supplier network. A comprehensive platform for your events Cvent provides easy-to-use, integrated technology solutions to maximize the impact of meetings and events of all sizes. Plan with simplicity Increase attendance Ensure your success. Interested in pricing?

First Name. Last Name. Phone no dashes or spaces. I agree to receive electronic messages from Cvent, Inc. I understand I can withdraw my consent by unsubscribing at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details.

Cvent, Inc.Event: [Event. Name] Date: [Event. Created by: [Sender. FirstName] [Sender. LastName] [Sender. Prepared for: [Client. FirstName] [Client. LastName] [Client.

Company] is a full-service event management company based in [Sender. Our team of award winning professionals specializes in taking your event from concept to production. Click to upload an image. City][Sender. Company] is who they turn to! Company] worked with us through the creative process and managed the production of our annual gala.

They did a fantastic job, and we will certainly be using them again! Company] helped us put on a holiday party with over 13, attendees. They handled the venue, decoration, catering, entertainment, and security. Everything went off without a hitch! Our creative team will work with you to flesh out your concept through whiteboard and computer design sessions. Our network of musical acts, entertainers, and DJs are known for keeping audiences engaged and excited.

rfp event management

Our award winning audio and video engineers will provide the creativity, equipment, and expertise to put on a world-class show. Our team will help you choose the best decor and special effects to fully complete your theme and create a memorable experience. Our shuttles, grounds crews, and security team will make sure that your clients safely get where they want to go with minimal fuss or disruption. City] is a destination for events for brands and talents from around the world.

YearsInEvents]and in that time have developed relationships with the best local talents in every category. Because we handle everything from concept to production to clean-up, you save precious hours of your time and undue stress when we put on your event. Each of our clients is assigned an Event Manager, who is responsible for working with you throughout the process and keeping you updated at every step.

Our collective decades of experience and wide variety of skills means your event will be truly memorable. This agreement is between [Client. Name] on [Event. This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the services required by this letter of agreement. Any and all changes made to this letter of agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties.

If the event is cancelled, refunds are limited to unearned fees, funds in excess of unused or non-refundable fees, and out-of-pocket expenses. CancellationDays] days before the event, there will be no refund issued.

Date] Created by: [Sender. Company] Date: [Document. About Us [Sender. Our past clients include: Click to upload an image Client 1.Your reputation depends on external perceptions of your company. A well-executed corporate event can boost your credibility with clients, prospects, media and other stakeholders. But a flawed event can often cause irreparable damage.

19-1163 Event Management & Financial Software Solution

For that reason, hiring a professional event management company to orchestrate your corporate events is critical. You need experts who can: 1 map out an end-to-end event plan; 2 execute the many logistical tasks required to deliver a quality event; and 3 measure event outcomes. Outsourcing labor-intensive event logistics management to us lets your team stay focused on more strategic activities.

We are a professional, creative team of event management specialists. Our passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior event experience for your audience. We thrive on delighting you — our valued customer — by helping you host events that meet or exceed your business goals. Every event is different — and special. We have reviewed your initial requirements and understand the following key facts about your event:.

We will work with you to clarify your targeted business outcomes for your event. In our experience, typical strategic goals for similar corporate events include:. We align our proven practices with your needs in each step of the process. That way, we ensure your desired outcomes stay at the forefront of every decision. You can rely on us to manage end-to-end logistics for your event. Our responsibilities will include:. To make sure your event receives the focus it deserves, we will assign a project manager to your event.

We will also hold weekly event plan and budget reviews with you to track tasks, costs and progress against critical milestones. Payments will be split into a non-refundable retainer — due at project initation — along with interim payments and a final payment as described in the enclosed Event Management Agreement.

The pricing table below contains a detailed cost breakdown for each of our key areas of responsibility. This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal. Once we receive confirmation of acceptance, we will begin working on your event. Our first priority will be assigning a project manager to your event. After that, we will set up a kick off meeting with you to define your event plan and budget.

This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the services required by this letter of agreement.

Any changes made to this letter of agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties. If the event is canceled, refunds are limited to unearned fees, funds in excess of unused or non-refundable fees and out-of-pocket expenses. Quote Roller is now PandaDoc. Start with this template. Event Management Proposal Template. Who We Are We are a professional, creative team of event management specialists.

In our experience, typical strategic goals for similar corporate events include: Reinforcing brand identity and key messages Positioning the host organization as a thought leader in select areas of focus Educating attendees on products and services Interacting with customers, prospects and other company constituents Identifying and advancing sales leads Generating media coverage for the sponsoring company Providing engaging content for the audience We align our proven practices with your needs in each step of the process.

Cost Breakdown This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal. We are excited at the opportunity to partner with you to make your upcoming event a success.

Get this template.However, that means we have more responsibility. If we want to build great relationships with venues, we need to submit strong event RFPs to venues. Venue supply growth is expected to exceed demand growth for the first time in 8 years.

rfp event management

Click To Tweet. Before you contact venues or send off any RFPs, you need to do your homework. You should already know most — if not all — of the facts about your event.

The more accurate the information you can send to the venue, the more precise their proposals will be. Tell the venue the dates and times you have in mind. Being flexible on dates may help you get better pricing. What type of event are you putting on? Is it a conference, a fundraising dinner, a wedding? Some properties have many ballrooms; some may be better suited to a conference than a fundraising dinner.

Depending on the type of event, it might be helpful to lay out what will happen at the event. Be as specific as you can about your space and programming needs. Will you have exhibitors? A general session? A silent auction? And how many concurrent sessions will be going on at once? Will you need an onsite office or storage? At the same time, ask about what type of audio visual equipment, IT services, and internet is available on site. For seated dinners, everyone might arrive within a minute timeframe.

For a conference, arrivals might happen over a longer period. This helps the hotel understand staffing needs upfront. What types of meals do you plan on serving? A boxed lunch? A plated banquet dinner?

This will give the venue a better idea of the revenue coming from your event. If they do in-house catering, they might negotiate more in other areas. Will you need sleeping rooms? How many nights, and how many rooms? Do you require regular rooms, suite upgrades, the presidential suite? What is the room price your attendees are comfortable paying? Again, the hotel might give you discounts elsewhere for guaranteeing booked rooms.It may seem like a relatively easy task with the onset of electronic or eRFPs.

But it can actually create confusion, clutter, and competitiveness among the hospitality sector if the RFP is not written clearly and the target venues are not adequately defined. The buyer is interested in the procurement of services in this case hotel guest rooms, meeting, trade show space, food and beverage, etc.

The requirements are all the same in order to evaluate responses in a comprehensive and fair manner. They could also just be looking to change due to a flux in meeting requirements — the meeting is significantly larger or smaller, the budget was slashed or the format is being overhauled. Whatever the reason, it is now time to look around. However, be certain you are ready for a change. Take the time to give the recipient of your RFP a comprehensive overview of your company and the meeting you are asking them to bid on.

Make sure the vendor understands your needs and why you think their hotel or convention center is a good fit. Be sure to include why you are issuing the RFP.

Are you trying a new city? Unsatisfied with the previous venue? Also be sure to include in your narrative what worked and what did not work in your previous meetings. Last, discuss the strengths and challenges with this event. You are letting them know as much about your conference on a macro level, thus reducing uncertainty and hopefully encouraging the hotel marketing staff to complete your request.

Tell them in a clear and concise manner what you are looking for from the event host. Is this a one shot event or are you looking to hold this meeting for multiple years at this destination? Is there a possibility that if everything goes well, this venue can be put into your meeting rotation? Let them know up front — because the possibility of future business can help them sweeten the deal even more.

What are the top three to five things your organization hopes to accomplish from this event, and how can the venue help? Be sure to start with your name, as well as the names of the company and the event. Let them know what type of market segment you fall into — association, corporate, government, non-profit, religious or social. The sales staff at the hotel or convention center generally have their staff defined in these segments, which allows the most qualified person to best answer your inquiry.

Let them know if this is a first-time event. If it is not, share how many years you have been holding it, as well as averages in the following areas over the past three years: total attendance, total room nights booked and meeting space used.


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