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Osrs account hacked with authenticator

Quick find code: Quick find code: Back to Top. Hacked because of rs mobile? Quick find code: of 6. May If anything like this or other things have happened because of osrs mobile then something needs to Happen before more players go through what I went through tonight.

Been looking around and it looks like this is happening a lot tons of people are getting their passwords leaked by osrs mobile. Just had my whole account hacked today, cannot believe it!! I have played on and off for so many years now and i thought i would finally get back into it. Lost everything i own. Over 50Mil worth of stuff gathered over time. I can never go back to this game ever again, pc or mobile.

Thank you Jagex and the team at runescape for allowing this to happen. Having multiple authentication methods and different passwords set on ALL accounts is equally important email, phone, runescape, etc. Players are encouraged to authenticate their email and Runescape accounts with 2-Step authentication. This adds an additional layer of security to email and Runescape accounts other than a password again, it is advised to use different passwords for all accounts.

This can be done by visiting the email account provider's website and by setting up the Runescape Authenticator click here for the mobile guide. When playing on mobile, be sure a passcode is set to lock the device when not in use.

osrs account hacked with authenticator

From the sound of your post, it seems only a bank PIN was used to your advantage. There are many unsafe programs, links, phishing sites and scams on the web. Always be sure your're visiting the real site by typing: runescape. Daylight I did have Authenticator on if you read my post it mentioned that I had to turn Authenticator off because I was changing phones and needed to set up authenticator on my new phone. The contents of this message have been hidden.

Just been hacked on rs mobile aswell. Mar I think my account got hacked too I am upset. I believe the same thing happened to me earlier today. I logged on today to find out that My 4 mil, 2 old school bonds, and some of my bigger items had been taken.

I saw that they sold my items on the GE and I assume traded it to their account. I don't feel this will deter me from playing again, but I do think I may wait until this issue is resolved. Unfortunately I waited to long. Please secure your account! Been hacked today lost 80m of stuff I quit unless someone fixes this.Quick find code: Quick find code: Back to Top. Sep I am extremely upset to find out I am not the only person to experience this. To my dismay when attempting to log in this morning, my account had been hacked.

I just recently got a new phone and decided to use the mobile platform. My phone has security protection. My account has an authenticator and bank pin. This is incredibly upsetting to find out that a service I pay for does not engage itself with identifying the problem and putting the proper security essentials needed to protect its customers.

At this point I'm torn.

Old School RuneScape

I don't want to start from nothing again, but I do love the game and community. I would like jagex to display to the community the issues currently with mobile security, and show they are taking steps forward to improve it. Finding out a large number of others experienced the same is my biggest issue. If it was just myself, then I would question what my have compromised my security. However this seems to be a well known issue and is not addressed to the community.

osrs account hacked with authenticator

This is their customers ingame possession and greatly compromised players experience with the game. Oct New copypasta PogChamp.

Hacking 2,000 Runescape accounts

I have a similar issue. My other account mws had an authenticator put on it so I removed it and changed the password. I tried to log in yesterday and it told me that the account was Permanently banned for macroing. I have reset the password again and tried to add an authenticator but the link to add one just keeps constantly redirecting and it times out.

Unfortunately submitting an appeal does not allow me to provide any information for steps taken so there is nothing I can do at this point but post here on another account I had. I would hate to lose all the progress I made because of something I didn't do that I have no way to dispute.

Same here I honestly have no idea if logging into the forums is safe anymore. I am seeing a red triangle on the address bar and this usually means that the site is Not Secured. I have recently been stolen and had my gold stolen and not much else since I'm usually a noob player with trash scavenge from pvp worlds I have changed my password but honestlt not sure if this is something that can be assuredHome Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

osrs account hacked with authenticator

Change language. Install Steam. This topic has been locked. Help View Profile View Posts. So as the title says, my account was somehow hacked. Email changed, and my account was removed from my phone number as well. I was even using steam guard with mobile authenticator.

I thought I was safe. Crazy thing is, I was also hacked last October, but I wasn't using the mobile authenticator then and they hacked my email first. I have no idea how it happened, but it did. The "recent activity" tab in my email shows no suspicious activity like it did last time activity from various countries, all steam related emails were deletedto be safe I changed the emails password on a different computer.

I am under the assumption my main computer is compromised so I am using a different system to resolve this. My main system will get reformatted.

That said, what do I do? Last October I made a steam support ticket and got it resolved in the same day. Now steam support tickets aren't even a thing for some reason. What I have done so far is just take the approach of saying I didn't have my email or password, from there I was able to send steam support a message where I described my situation.

I am ready to give them proof of ownership upon their request, so I'm just waiting for the reply. Is this the right approach? All of my research just talks about making a ticket and getting it resolved, there is really no information on what to do about it now that tickets are no longer a thing. Last bit of really strange information, when trying to find my old steam support account the second account you would make a support ticket with I just discovered that there was an inactive steam account created under my previous email I was using for my steam account before it was hacked the first time.

I thought I made a mistake and had my steam account on that email and the hacker changed the account name, I changed this suspicious accounts password during a password recovery, but it wasn't my account, it's just a random inactive account with nothing on it.

I assume the original hacker created it for some reason in October during the first attack, it doesn't have a real name, just random letters. The first time this hacker if it is the same person changed some information on my account profile information, it was in an eastern european language. Again, the newer email address I was using this time does not appear to be compromised in any way, so I'm stumped.

No strange activity, all my steam related emails since my account was switched to that email are still there.

Hijacked account

I've been a member of steam since earlyI really hope to get my account back. And I really wish steam didn't give hackers an incentive for this wide scale hacking in the first place, from my understanding most do it to steal trading items which can be sold for real money. I had none of that stuff. Credit card information was also not set to be remembered for future purchases. I just want to play singleplayer games from time to time in peace.

I don't want to be a statistic and lose hundreds of dollars worth of games.

Only RS Only Runescape

Unless this hacker plans on keeping my account to play games from, he's gaining nothing from it. Showing 1 - 15 of 33 comments. Originally posted by reddi :.The warning players get if they do not have Authenticator active on their account. The RuneScape Authenticator is an additional layer of protection players can utilise on their accounts. This algorithm can be used both on supported mobile devices and in desktop implementations. Players are required to set up the Authenticator in order to be able to receive a pair of fancy or fighting boots in the Stronghold of Security.

In addition, having it set up is required for Solztun to imbue the player's skull sceptre. Should players disable the Authenticator, the skull sceptre will revert back to its regular state. To set up the RuneScape Authenticator, a player must visit the Authenticator landing page. Jagex generates a random bit secret key unique to each user and presents it as a 2-dimensional barcode and as a character Base32 string.

Many mobile devices can read the barcode directly through their camera, which is equivalent to entering the Base32 string manually. The implementation generates a 6-digit code every 30 seconds based on the key and epoch time. Once set up, players are prompted to enter the 6-digit time-based code whenever they log in to the game using an untrusted computer.

Jagex implements a minute window five minutes on either side of the actual time to enter the correct code to allow for a possible lack of synchronisation between Jagex's server time and player devices.

Players can choose to trust the computers on which they play RuneScape for up to 30 days or choose to enter a code every time they wish to play. However, the 4-digit PIN is not obsolete. To disable the authenticator, click on the "disable authenticator" link. Jagex sends an email containing a link to disable the authenticator to the email address registered for that account.

It is highly encouraged that the email associated with the account require two-step authentication so that the RuneScape authenticator can not be easily removed. That is, it is suggested that the email be tied to a mobile device either by texting or a call before a new computer can gain access to said email.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Setting up To set up the RuneScape Authenticator, a player must visit the Authenticator landing page.

Trivia On release, although the Authenticator was stated to trust the computer for 30 days if selected, it only did so for 14 days. It now trusts the computer for the stated 30 days. Categories :. Fan Feed. Universal Conquest Wiki.A They have physical access to your own phone B The hacker obtained the original seed value for your Runescape account either with the QR code or the string of character that made up the seed itself This would only be possible if they either looked at the same QR code or the corresponding string of characters of the seed value.

If you actually saved the QR code image which is very foolish to do soanybody who knew what that QR code as for could replicate it. You could also utilize "on-body" detection, Bluetooth connections with trusted devices like a Smartwatch or other similarly portable device or similar auto-unlock options that may be supported as well.

Beyond that, just don't do anything foolish with your accounts The only way this would be possible is if the hacker managed to install the authenticator on his own phone with your account. Use long random strings with a password minder.

Enable security of some sort on your phone - numeric, pattern, etc. Do not share this with anyone, obviously. Trending News. A warning sign for Trump at The Villages in Florida.

Lucille Ball's great-granddaughter dies at Virginia health officials warn of venomous caterpillars. NBA star Kevin Love's honest talk about mental health. Miami Heat spoiled LeBron's potential masterpiece. Scientists debunk Pence debate claim on hurricanes. Video of ICE agents stopping Black jogger. Experts blast Trump for foreign policy blunders. Popular beer brand jumps on trendy bandwagon. Answer Save. TStodden Lv 7. The best course of action I can think of here would be Hope this helps!

PoohBearPenguin Lv 7. OR, the hacker is someone who is has physical access to your phone.Post your fictional stories, or roleplay those stories with fellow players! The place for all written guides, or to ask for skill advice or monster help! Share your ideas for new RuneScape content and receive feedback here. A place to provide feedback and report bugs in the Android Mobile tests.

A place to provide feedback and report bugs found in Old School Mobile. Need help with your account? Our friendly community are waiting to help! Confused by weird error messages? Ask our tech wizards for a helping hand! General For any RuneScape topic not covered by the other forums. Goals and Achievements Let others know about your goals and accomplishments.

Compliments Tell us what you like. Roleplaying - In-Game Join in with in-game based roleplaying here. Forum Roleplay and Stories Post your fictional stories, or roleplay those stories with fellow players! Forum Games Start your own or play an existing forum game. Threads Posts Latest Post. News Discussion Community discussion sorted by news announcement topics. RuneScape Guides and Help The place for all written guides, or to ask for skill advice or monster help!

Recent Game Updates Discuss the latest content additions and changes to the game. Patch Notes A forum section to discuss patch notes, also lists them all! Existing Game Content Tell us how you would improve on something already in-game. Treasure Hunter Discussion and feedback for all aspects of the Treasure Hunter. Teamwork Team up with other players for activities. Old School Announcements Forum for official announcements from Jagex.

Old School Events In game events. Old School Clans Come here to find and form clans. Item Discussion Discuss items and prices - No trading here! Discontinued Items Buy and sell discontinued items here only! Old School Combat Supplies Buy and sell all combat equipment here.

Old School Skilling Supplies Buy and sell all skilling supplies here. Community Led Account Help Need help with your account? Community Led Technical Support Confused by weird error messages? Community Led Payment Support Having troubles setting up a payment? Post here for help! Clan Central For all help, feedback and discussion on clans for RuneScape. Recruitment - Looking for a Clan Post here to find a clan.

Recruitment - Under Combat Clans New to clans? Get started with our under Combat clans. Recruitment - Over Combat Clans Battle-hardened veterans seeking new members over combat.Posted By: Mei Satsuki September 8, It is really frustrating that there are news everywhere about Old School Runescape Accounts getting hacked. Either way, this has to stop. I beg you to read the entire post, and spread it around as much as possible. This is an extremely flawed system that needs to be corrected, ASAP.

My account was recently hijacked via the broken account recovery system, and thanks to lovely Jagex, the hackers got away with over 2. And my account could possibly be linked to RWT now. How is this even possible? The only way I should be able to get hacked is if someone literally steals my phone irl. Why would I continue playing to rebuild my bank and spend loads of time doing it, if the same thing can just happen again? Just like that. Disabled my authenticator, and changed the registered email.

This is a post by 7MakesMeHappy and he makes a lot of sense. This is a great suggestion and there will be a way for players who got hacked to recover their Runescape accounts from the hacker. If the link is not accessed within 12 hours, the recovery attempt is denied.

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