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I've spent a lot of time on this yet-to-be released product, but it's important to those of us HTPC users so I aim to keep everyone as updated as I can.

Today I posted some photos of the device thanks to SHS who is also keeping everyone very informed on today's developments. Just this evening, Hauppauge updated their website with further details and photos of this component video recorder. Here are some highlights:.

For more details check out my post from earlier today updated at 9PM Central.

Definitely worth a read at Chris Lanier's Blog. As I've posted before the main features are:. I've also confirmed the validity of the photos with an e-mail from a Hauppauge representative. This representative also confirmed that the release date is this May. Difficult to tell what that is on the front, bottom-left of the unit is, but probably IR receiver as well as a power button and led indicator lights.

Below is a diagram of the front panel found on the Hauppauge website. It looks like dual inputs - if true this would be a very nice surprise. More likely though would be once set of input and one set are outputs.

Pretty basic but it doesn't look half bad. Notice that there is an audio in and out, component video loop out and componenet video in, optical audio in and out, usb, IR blaster and power ports. Unlike what I've heard and reported last weekthe Hauppauge site is saying that shipping will start May 1, Want to see the board on this thing?

See photos of it in action albeit naked without the case on? The snapstream blog has the scoop - check it out here. While this is an astounding feat, Apple has already announced that they were the number 2 retailer in February so it was a temporary rise. Still a very quick rise to number 2 or number 1 for iTunes which only started selling online music back in April The NPD Group has been tracking a "sharp increase" in digital downloads over the past several months as physical sales dry up.

While iTunes may have passed the competition in the past month, its likely that this is a temporary thing related to Christmas sales and such. Its only a matter of time though as the trend for online, digital music sales is a sharp arrow in the upward direction. Read more at Ars Technica. Apple put out a press release later today saying the following:.

The iTunes Store became the largest music retailer in the US based on the amount of music sold during January and February Note that the police are using a Baptist Church bus to carry the girls away from the Mormon ranch. Addition from April 10th: CNN is now saying that authorities have discovered a wedding bed in the churchwhere these guys could instantly consumate their celestial marriage to underage bride 20 without a tiresome honeymoon trip.

One dorm, 52 girls. Semi-devout LDS members all. But Brenda began leading Allen away from the church. So Ron and Dan, acting under orders from God, killed her. For whatever reason, they also killed Erica, the couples' infant daughter. It's an outstanding book by an outstanding writer. I've made my feelings known how I feel about people who hear the voice of Godespecially when it relates to murder, violence, foreign invasions, and using Downs Syndrome Victims as human bombs.

But here's where you get into difficulties trying to be a "Moderate" religious voice in a largely fundamentalist world. If you're a moderate, you can be wrong. Fundamentalists, on the other hand, can't. Therefore, if a fundamentalist claims to be speaking or acting within the confines of revealed scripture or God's will, he isn't be wrong. You're not just disagreeing with him.


You're arguing with the Creator. You think the world evolved over billions of years? See Genesis. If you disagree with that, you're disagreeing with God.

You're for a Middle East Peace Process? Forget it. Muhammed said we should fight the infidel. Argue against that, and you're a heretic. You believe women are the equal of men? Paul wrote otherwise.From Myanmar to U. More than 2 million Burmese, primarily ethnic minorities, have left since military leaders seized the impoverished country, now called Myanmar, in the s, according to Human Rights Watch.

The Wah family are members of the Karen minority ethnic group. Karen villages were destroyed as part of the State Peace and Development Council's plan of "forcibly relocating" minorities, especially in areas with active insurgents or targeted for development, the international rights organization charges. Utah has welcomed about Burmese refugees, which include members of the Karen and Chin ethnic groups, since last year. Most have been in camps more than 10 years, according to Aden Batar with Catholic Community Services, one of Utah's resettlement agencies.

Camp conditions typically include limited schooling for children, no running water and primitive living conditions. Donations can be made to a fund in her parent's names, Cartoon and Pearlie Wah. Esar Met, 21, was booked on charges of aggravated murder, kidnapping and evidence tampering after confessing to the crime. Police on Tuesday night found the body of Hser Nay Moo, who disappeared Monday from the apartment complex after an argument with her year-old brother. Hser's body was found in the bathroom of Met's basement apartment, which is in the same complex where her family lives, MyFOXUtah reported.

Hser went to Met's apartment, where she often played, according to police. Met hid the body and left the apartment after a physical altercation with Hser that led to her death, Snyder said. Snyder would not release Hser's cause of death or if she was sexually assaulted. She is 3 feet 8 inches tall, 45 pounds, with long black hair, and is missing her two front teeth. She was last seen wearing a pink coat, blue jeans and black and pink sneakers.

Hser Nay Moo was last seen Monday at 2 P. Dith Pran65, who suffered from pancreatic cancer, was best known for his work with Pulitzer Prize -winning reporter Sydney Schanberg covering the murderous Khmer Rouge reign that killed as many as 2 million Cambodians. Among the dead were 50 of Pran's own relatives - his father, his sister, three brothers and their families.

Schanberg has credited Pran with saving his life and the lives of other journalists for insisting that he come along when the group was taken captive. When Schanberg received the Pulitzer Prize, he accepted on behalf of Pran, who was in prison in Cambodiawhere he endured four years of torture until fleeing to Thailand in We became brothers.

Pran followed Schanberg back to New York and was hired by The Times, where colleagues Sunday celebrated his kindness and joy for life. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. I created my blog to make comments on crime news. View my complete profile. There have been so many new stories to post, I can't keep up.

This principle means the simplest explanation may be the correct one! You are loved. Your memory is eternal. You have touched the hearts of so many, and you have touched mine! May the family and friends of Jennifer Walstrand, much beloved Jennifer, find some peace in knowing what happened.

She was such a beautiful, happy, life-loving person. I will always remember her as my "Angel Face", laughing and happy, with so much love in her heart for her family and friends. There was absolutely no sense in her death and whoever chose to steal her life needs to be caught and punished severely. Abagnale, Jr.Published on Monday, March 31, by The Root. On any given day we, collectively, become the Goddess of the Three Directions and can look back into the past, look at ourselves just where we are, and take a glance, as well, into the future.

It is a space with which I am familiar. When I was born in my parents lived on a middle Georgia plantation that was owned by a white distant relative, Miss May Montgomery. She would never admit to this relationship, of course, except to mock it. Told by my parents that several of their children would not eat chicken skin she responded that of course they would not.

No Montgomerys would. My parents and older siblings did everything imaginable for Miss May. They planted and raised her cotton and corn, fed and killed and processed her cattle and hogs, painted her house, patched her roof, ran her dairy, and, among countless other duties and responsibilities my father was her chauffeur, taking her anywhere she wanted to go at any hour of the day or night.

She lived in a large white house with green shutters and a green, luxuriant lawn: not quite as large as Tara of Gone With the Wind fame, but in the same style. We lived in a shack without electricity or running water, under a rusty tin roof that let in wind and rain.

Miss May went to school as a girl. The school my parents and their neighbors built for us was burned to the ground by local racists who wanted to keep ignorant their competitors in tenant farming. During the Depression, desperate to feed his hardworking family, my father asked for a raise from ten dollars a month to twelve. When I look back, this is part of what I see. I see the school bus carrying white children, boys and girls, right past me, and my brothers, as we trudge on foot five miles to school.

Later, I see my parents struggling to build a school out of discarded army barracks while white students, girls and boys, enjoy a building made of brick. The year I turned fifty, one of my relatives told me she had started reading my books for children in the library in my home town.

I had had no idea - so kept from black people it had been - that such a place existed. To this day knowing my presence was not wanted in the public library when I was a child I am highly uncomfortable in libraries and will rarely, unless I am there to help build, repair, refurbish or raise money to keep them open, enter their doors.BAYTOWN, Texas - A year-old girl gave birth in a restroom at her junior high, and the baby boy cried once before she tried to flush him down the toilet, killing him, officials said Thursday.

The boy was probably full term and cried before the mother, an eighth-grader, tried to flush him, said police Lt.

Eric Freed. The mother was taken to a hospital. People who knew her at school said she wore baggy clothing, and nobody suspected she was pregnant, The Houston Chronicle reported Thursday.

Friday, April 04, Day-um! Between Obama and Hillary, I don't know who I would enjoy taking aim at more during the election campaign. But this just adds a bit more fun to the mix! Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.

The Clintons were probably the most unethical people to ever live in the White House. We've known that for over a decade. But I just love how the MSM is tearing itself apart trying to boost their particular communist of choice while attacking the other.

Every time I see the political news, I want to pop up some popcorn and grab a beer.


Found at The Smallest Minority. Labels: Clinton ShennanigansElection Sex Ed in Schools. I keep hearing about sexual education in schools.

Maybe they figured that we were smart enough to figure it out without any help. Anyways, that being said, I really have to wonder just what the hell they're teaching in school these days. This is so sad on so many levels that I don't know where to begin. A pregnate fourteen-year old? The fact that the girls friends and classmates didn't know she was pregnate?

But what is worse is the parents. Did they know she was pregnate?Mike Smith arrived just in time to see the show on the muddiest lot of the season. He watched the show and then jumped in to work the with me. We had a blast working together and were just minutes into the second half when the mayor and sheriff stepped into the tent and asked John Moss to end the show there and evacuate the tent.

We cleaned our makeup off, loaded my car parked at the front of the lot so I wouldn't get stuck again and headed to McDonald's for dinner, arriving in our rooms at the DeQueen Inn just before the storm really hit and the power went out. If you've never sat smoking cigarettes outside a darkened, powerless Arkansas motel room during a hellacious electrical storm and pounding rain wondering if your about to be killed by tornadoes Isn't that a hoot?

You see she doesn't like clowns!


Having gone to college for Communication and concentrated on Radio, do you know what creeps me out? Do you want to know what I don't like? Lame "happy chat" morning shows that play "good time oldies" that "get you going in the morning with a smile" and employ vacuous, under-talented, insincere phonies like "Kate" who engage in contrivied "bits" like this.

What exactly was the point of putting a silent circus clown on the radio in the first place? It's a truly stupid idea made all the more worthless by this frumpy, unpleasant human "Cathy" cartoon. I'll bet she has a blog about her cat. Circus and clowning are entering their fourth century of existence here in America. Radio, and the like these that have ruined it, will be long gone and replaced by the iPod by The seventh caller gets to put on a pair of great big clown shoes and kick Kate really hard until she realizes she's wasting her life and our time and decides to get out of the business.

The video of this will be up on their website. Other clowns who also appeared in the show were: Jeffrey Taub, Grainger Esch, Carlos Ragas, Sheri Sicard, and a couple of others, whose names escape me right now.

It was a great gig, being that it was only 4 minutes from our house and fun to be on City Walk. Schoellkopf, found at the Hugo Public Library. Beby Maiss Alex and Zavatta.


It does mean that I might catch the Shrine show in Dallas Friday night and try to meet up with the Mondays and Kelly by taking in Slappy's Puppet Playhouse in the afternoon. And dinner and a margarita at El Fenix.

From Joel Toni was recently on Larry King speaking about her son and his autism. Let me just tell you all that Toni Braxton is absolutely one of the nicest and kindest people that I have ever met. I really had no idea who she was, just that she was a successful recording artist that has been performing at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas for the past few years.

I went to the gig, and moments after meeting her I told her that my daughter had recently turned 5 and what a great age it is. Her face lit up and she said "Did you bring her? I answered "Well, heavens no! I would love to have them here for the party". I was stunned! Of course I didn't have them over Toni Braxton has sold over 40 million albums, and her number-one hit "Un-Break My Heart" is the second biggest single by a female artist ever.Saturday, April 05, Adding to My Scrapbook.

Every time I think about our evening in Margie and Howard's home this is what I think: I wish I had taken more pictures. When Jim died, both Geoff and I shared an urgent need to be with family, to see everyone or as many as possible, and to enjoy the simple contact and comfort of sharing time.

We feel so profoundly shaken by the loss of someone we believed we would see again soon Our families are big and dispersed in so many directions, north and south, east and west, it was a logistical maze just trying to spend time with some of them. We did pretty good. We drove north and crossed paths with my Mom and got to hang out with Bill, Alison and Dominic too. When Hans is home, safe with Gretchen, it will be imperative for all of us to get together again I am holding my breath.

From San Francisco we flew to the Midwest. I am always happy for a visit with Geoff's grandmother, his aunts and uncles, the cousins. I know connecting with his father was deeply important to Geoff. Time and distance can take a toll and, again, we were feeling the longing to connect with the people we love, to say the loving and kind things that too often go unspoken.

I think it is hard to maintain relationships, to really share the changes and trials, the good stuff, the growth, when we live far apart. It takes more effort, or a different effort. We have to compact all of the caring and attention into a concentrated time I am not explaining my thoughts very well, and I think it is because I am not speaking the whole truth here. We had some really good visits, and in some instances I think we could have done better. It's a process, right?

Aunt Carol is such a light. I just love her insight and warmth. She's got a laugh that is a force, like the feel of rain in the desert We were at her place for dinner. We hadn't been in her home since she was in Madison. My Mom was with us, William was a baby and we all had to huddle in the basement during a tornado! She remembered I said " They don't have to ask me twice ," as I hustled downstairs, after the first warning sounded.

She taught me "LOL" I think that is fitting. She remembered William was having a road-trip birthday and she baked him a happy 17th birthday cake. Good cake.


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