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250 enduro

KTM 250 EXC – Best Enduro Bike Ever Made?

Please read this page and you will find a discount code to use on TX Power Sports at checkout. This is the website I purchased my hawk dual sport bike from and they were very fast with shipping the hawk and I got the MSO pretty much the same day as the bike. TX Power Sports also offers many different financing options for the hawk Step 1. You can also click here and it will take you directly to the hawk product page on TX Power Sports website.

Step 2. Click the Hawk picture of the hawk dual sport title link. Step 3. Click thru them all and select the ones you want. Step 4. I used the Paypal checkout and applied for the paypal credit. But you have the option to pay it off quicker. Select the payment method you want to use for this purchase and once you have completed the payment.

You have just officially joined the Hawk family. Please send me a email and let me know how your order goes with this company or if you have any issues. The good thing about the hawk dual sport bike is that the upgrades are fairly priced. I also see TX Power Sports sells hawk replacement parts and that is a good sign that you can get original hawk parts also if you need. So I only recommend these bikes to people who like working with their hands and getting them dirty.

If you just like to sit on the bike, turn it on and go every day without ever checking the bolts, nuts, wiring etc. This bike is so easy to take apart and go over everything, I enjoy taking the time checking everything on the hawk in the garage with a few beers and some music.

Toggle navigation. Home This hawk blog was created to help future owners to quickly find information on this dual sport bike, how to buy one, what kind of upgrades you can do and some common issues people have with their hawk rps dual sport.

Click the images below for what you need for your hawk Recent Articles will show new posts including reviews, upgrading parts, videos and guides. There is a lot of content on this website, search below to narrow down what you need to know about your hawk dual sport.

Search Search. Facebook Hawk Comments. All rights reserved.Make Yamaha. The person I bought this from completely disassembled it and cleaned everything.

Then went through it mechanically. I ran a drove the bike very little and it ran great and shifted trough the gears fine and then stored it over the winter. I couldn't get it running this spring though. It backfires and sputters a simple carb clean, fresh battery, new spark plug and fresh fuel did not do the trick.

It comes with a free and clear title in my name. Please take a look at the large pictures to get a better idea of condition and email me if you have any questions or call Buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements and payment. I will help a shipper load the bike on a truck I can recommend a few good motorcycle carriers. Final payment after deposit to be made with cash, bank wire transfer or cashiers check only cashiers checks must clear bank account before bike ships.

250 enduro

Model WR. Buyer must arrange for shipping or pick up!! Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on vintage motorcycles. Buyer is responsible for knowing parts compatibility with other year, make, or model bikes. I have tried to show the vehicle in great detail. Some parts are missing, not all of them are listed. Multiple photos have been provided for YOUR research. Feel free to message me with questions, I usually respond within days.

I may or may not have answers to your questions. I want to sell this little gem to someone who really wants it, and I want it to be exactly what you are looking for. All though it runs, it will need a full restore. Model XT. Up for sale is my Yamaha XT Enduro. This bike has under miles. Runs and rides like new. Starts on first kick almost every time. I have original owners manual and advertisment from cycle magazine showing highlights of the bike. Street legal and I have clear title.

Has been a lot of fun to drive around and people always ask many questions about the bike. Over all it is a great classic to drive or add to a collection,the chrome does have some light pitting after all the years,but still shines nice. I am selling because I bought a and I want to restore it Shipping is buyers responsibility but I will be glad to help assist with it Any questions I will be happy to get back to you ASAPThanks for looking.

I will be including these Therefore, I think. Think about it So YES!OK so as titles go, calling any machine the best ever is a bold claim. When there are hundreds of enduro machines to choose from, can we really justify selecting one as the ultimate bike? We think so. And if you go back to the very first models that came out of the restructured Austrian firm back inthey are not a world away from the machines that are being churned out to an eager buying public today.

To have got a bike so right to start off with shows a clarity of design and manufacture that all motorcycle companies would love to copy.

Of course that is the secret that KTM hit on to start off with. Once the bike proved itself in the initial design, the company just carried out gentle refinement to the bike each model year — nothing earth-shattering, evolution not revolution.

And using that plan, the bike has grown with the market, matured with age and yet always been at the top of the pack.

250 enduro

OK it took a while to perfect and the American buyers never really got on board with a linkless bike, but aside from that, the simplicity of design is ideal for enduro, keeping the underside of the bike clutter free for those punishing rock sections. In terms of design and plastics, the bike has slowly evolved over time too, with major leaps kept to a minimum. KTM moved from the incredibly useful transparent tank to an orange version in the mid s for all models save the Six-day version, a move that mystified and irritated most buyers.

They made it even worse a few years later when they went for a black tank which now meant there was no way of knowing how much fuel you had.

250 enduro

Good calls all round. But for all these slight changes over the years, the bike at its core remained a machine that could suit everyman — from trail rider to clubman enduro, Erzberg to World Enduro Championship.

For a bike that will do everything you want. The EXC is unsurprisingly easy to live with. The two-stroke cc engine is a peach. Work it hard and the top end is simply phenomenal, powering across the landscape like an orange missile. This flexibility is very much the work of the power-valve, which faultlessly varies the exhaust port height to deliver the right power at the right revs.

LANCER Enduro DB-250cc - 5-Speed sold out

All the springs start opening the valve at rpm, but the red spring gets it fully open atthe yellow and the green The bike revs out at around rpm. For most riders, the yellow spring covers all bases, but for the expert level riders the snap on the red spring is almost instantaneous, whereas at the other end of the scale, the green spring softens things for newbies or trail riders.

Further adjustments can also be made by altering the tension on the springs to fine-tune the bike to your own sweet spot. And if that were not enough, you can fit a mapping switch that takes the motor in and out of two pre-set maps. The stock unit on the KTM EXCs has changed over the years, moving from a conventional spring unit to a diaphragm arrangement on the later bikes.

They all work well and in reality need little attention, save for reasonably regular oil changes and new plates as and when. Like piston changes, it depends on whether you cane it or not. As with all performance strokers, setting up the carb is key. And it takes a good mechanic to set it up properly.No Sales Tax except AZ.

No Hidden Fees or Charges! Easy Layaway Plan Available! Lancer's cc, four-stroke, SOHC, single cylinder engine is ready to power it up through the rough terrain and in harmony with the suspension, brakes and tires, it is a true dual-purpose enduro machine.

Riders seeking a motorcycle that is as adept on pavement as it is when off-road should consider Lancer DB This dual-sport machine gets the job done with its powerful engine and easy, smooth handling. Very limited time offer! Act Now! Maintenance free CDI Ignition switch key for added security: the CDI ignition system is added, a high tech ignition system that puts out just the right amount of spark to the bike that gives it a quicker and faster response, making it that much more reliable!

Snail-type chain adjusters for easy maintenance. High Performance Exhaust: A stylish high performance exhaust pipe included on this bike is design to enhance both performance and style to the bike! Kill Switch: An added kill switch safety feature on this bike provides the riders of all ages to cut off the engine anytime they desire, this is especially helpful and useful during an emergency situation. As any rider would tell you, power is nothing without good brakes. The high performance Hydraulic disc brake made this bike your expert choice.

MX Style Seat: Motocross-style seat is relative low and comfortable, and allows maximum rider movement. Wide and Comfort Foot Pegs: Wide, folding, self-cleaning foot pegs and brake pedal for secure footing.

Factory tested before it is sent to you! Our Company Warranty Policies: Your satisfaction is our 1 goal. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and support we can. We strongly suggest our customers read the following information thoroughly.

If you have any questions about any of our or the manufacturers warranty policies, please feel free to contact us. Our tech support Hotline is available to assist you. Pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, rod bearings, camshaft, camshaft bearings, timing chain, crankshaft, crankshaft main bearings, oil pump, water pump, valves, valve springs, valve guides, valve seats, valve lifters and valve push rods.

Additionally, the engine head and cylinder will only be covered if damage is caused solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more internal lubricated components listed above.

Broken gears any damage from outside impacted is not covered warranty ENGINE CASE: The Engine case itself will only be covered if the damage caused was solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components listed above. The drive axle housing as well as the reverse gearbox housing, if damaged solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more or the internal lubricated components contained the drive axle housing will be covered.

For fuel injected vehicles; Fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator.Dual-sport bikes have taken on increased duties in recent years. Many manufacturers have dropped dedicated off-road bikes and instructed their dealers to steer buyers toward dual-sport models.

The bike is large, but the overall height is reasonable with the fuel tank under the seat. It has linkage rear suspension and a WP Split fork. It shares the same motor and chassis with the Husqvarna Enduro, so it, too, is an incredibly powerful motorcycle. The trellis frame is unusual in the off-road world, but the bike is legitimately dirt-worthy.

In doing so, the company created an icon. The Kawasaki, on the other hand, offers more fuel range, luggage capacity and wind protection. The motor can be traced back that far, although every part has been redesigned many times over. The air-cooled, electric-start five-speed has gone almost unchanged since its introduction 27 years ago, and the bike has a very old-school layout. Its suspension is still very good off-road, although the XR is very heavy and somewhat underpowered by modern standards.

Not anymore. The new Husky meets or surpasses every standard the U. All of them are based on the same chassis and motor, but they have very distinctive personalities. All have lost weight this year and are electric start only. Among them are a reed valve in the intake boot and Continental TKC 80 tires. That resulted in a very different personality. The is still a very dirt-oriented motorcycle that just squeaks by sound and emission regulations under rules that are more relaxed for small manufacturers than for big makers like KTM and Honda.

That gives the a much lighter feel. It still meets all the federal and state specifications to be legal, but the FE performs well enough to ride any off-road race in the country without modification, aside from tires. Further modification is, in fact, quite difficult by federal mandate.

Extreme enduro riders love it because it has PDS rear suspension without linkage. That gives it more ground clearance. The stock is limited by its DOT tires.

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The SWMs have only recently passed through U. The dual-sport version is capable enough to fill that role. It has linkage suspension and the open-chamber WP Xplor 48 fork. This machine is percent dirt bike and feels somewhat out of place on the open highway.

The horsepower level is excellent if you rev it, but most riders might look for modifications to get just a little more torque. That process is made very difficult by strict regulations. It is very mild in both motor output and suspension.


The power and suspension are nothing to get excited about, and dirt excursions should be limited to flat trails and dirt roads.When equipped, California evaporative emissions equipment adds approximately 2. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and proper apparel. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Please provide the username or email address that you used when you signed up for your My Kawasaki account. Dealer sets the actual destination charge, your price may vary.

Click on product to zoom. Lime Green. Bore x Stroke. Compression Ratio. Fuel System. Final Drive. Front Tire. Rear Tire. Front Brakes. Rear Brakes. Frame Type. Overall Length. Overall Width. Overall Height. Ground Clearance. Seat Height. Curb Weight. Fuel Capacity. Color Choices. Specifications subject to change.Two-stroke or four-stoke, Husqvarna's new enduro off-road motorcycles are lighter and better performing.

Learn more at CycleWorld. Husqvarna recently announced its Enduro model lineup a couple of The new bikes are lighter, more powerful, and Where's the happy medium The Austrian manufacturer is well-known for its revolutionary advancements in KTM Factory Racing for the best bike out there, and naturally also Versysto create the Kawasaki Versys-X The "urban" adds hand guards Expected to reach production in Testing enduro bikes is the best part of Sound off!

Which bike is better? On January 27,the Good Design prizes will be officially The good thing is that I get better and better feeling with Cory Texter has a plan and a lot of support behind him for Yamaha naturally would not For the squad has another powerhouse Graham proved in In Road Taddy Blazusiak finishes extreme successfull career at home with victory at SuperEnduro season opener.

It does smooth the bike out incredibly, on top of The AMA National Honda's new Africa Twin Enduro Concept, which was released today Each of The 76th annual Daytona Bike Week features American Motorcyclist Association-sanctioned events for riders, racers and motorcycle fans of all ages, including a road ride and racing in several disciplines.


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