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1999 chevy silverado starts then dies

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1999 chevy silverado starts then dies

Starting a vehicle only to have it quit immediately after can be confusing and annoying for many drivers especially if their vehicle has not experienced this type of issue before.

Typically, a vehicle will start and then quit because of an issue with the fuel or electrical system. It is important to monitor fuel levels as well as warning lights which can signal to the driver that a vehicle may quit unexpectedly.

To start a vehicle, the electrical system, composed of the battery and starter, turns the engine over. Once running, the engine requires a constant flow of gasoline and good spark to keep that fuel igniting.

If gasoline is not readily available, or if there is not enough spark, the engine will quit. More modern vehicles with sophisticated computers may affect the way the vehicle runs. An issue with the mass airflow sensor may manifest itself when a car starts and then stalls soon after starting. Fuel Pump Relay: The fuel pump relay functions much like a fuse for an electric fuel pump.

The fuel pump relay engages as the vehicle is started and starts the fuel pump.

1999 chevy silverado starts then dies

While the vehicle is running, the fuel pump relay turns off and the fuel pump is powered by the oil pressure sending unit. When an ignition coil begins to fail, it may struggle to provide consistent spark to the plugs, causing the engine to stall after starting.

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the reason why the vehicle starts and then dies. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report outlining why the vehicle quit and the cost of any repairs that need to be made. Using this information, the mechanic can begin necessary repairs. If your vehicle has a bad or failing mass airflow sensor, the mechanic will begin by finding the sensor in the engine bay and checking for any signs of failure.

The mechanic should check the wire harness connected to the sensor to ensure that all of wires are properly connected. After removing the sensor, the mechanic should be able to discover the nature of the failure and replace the sensor.

If the mechanic suspects that the ignition coil may be faulty, he or she should first disconnect the battery before beginning work. The mechanic should then begin the process of disconnecting wires from the ignition coil and removing it from the engine bay. The mechanic will then install the new ignition coil and ensure that it is connected properly. The mechanic should then reconnect the battery and test the new coil. With all repairs, the mechanic will ensure the newly installed parts work properly.

The mechanic can then turn off and warning lights that may have come on while the vehicle was not running properly. If your vehicle is starting but dying soon after starting, you should have it checked out by a mechanic.

Issues involving the fuel management and electrical systems will become worse if not dealt with. Diligence and paying attention to warning lights may help prevent further damage to critical engine component and may save money in repairs.

A vehicle that quits after starting can be inconvenient and having a mobile mechanic inspect and repair you vehicle will ensure that you and your vehicle are back on the road soon. Estimate price near me.

Service Location. How A Diagnostic Works Instantly book a certified mobile mechanic to come to you. Mechanic diagnoses the problem and quotes necessary repairs. Your vehicle is ready to go. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to you now. See availability. Car starts and then dies Inspection Service Starting a vehicle only to have it quit immediately after can be confusing and annoying for many drivers especially if their vehicle has not experienced this type of issue before.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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Top problems

Current time is AM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. It's pushing k and has been very reliable. Last Thursday after getting home from work, I went to leave and it started but immediately died and continues to do so. Based on the mileage I thought it was the fuel pump not maintaining pressure so I changed it out today, but it still does the same thing. Any suggestions on where to look next? Unplug the vacuum line and see if there is fuel present in it.

There may not be since the truck has been sitting, but the pressure regulator is the main culprit in a hard or no start scenario. It has spark at all 8 cylinders also.

I'm pretty sure it's an electrical problem but don't know where to start now. If not, bulb could be burned out. If so, then the Passlock anti-theft system is kicking in; usually due to wear in the key tumbler or connection problems between the tumbler and body control module.

Engine stalling?

Passlock will let you crank the engine but kills the fuel to it immediately, resulting in the scenario you're describing. I don't know the exact fuel pressure specs on the 5. With my very limited experience on the 5. The security light flashes when the door opens as usual. When I try to start the truck it will do it's thing where it fires then immediately dies.

After that the battery light comes on for a few seconds and then the security light begins to flash. Is this what you meant? I looked up the required fuel pressure in a Chilton book and it said normal operating range is psi. I don't know how to put it into bypass on the up trucks but it may be the same as the previous body style.I replaced fuel pump about a year ago with no problems until now I just installed a new fuel filter nothing changed still starts and dies I started having some weird electrical issues in the last week before it wouldn't start some of them are auto headlights not working no dome light or cargo light and the word security staying on all the time in my message center its looking like an electrical problem more than fuel any suggestions?

I believe it has something to do with your spark plug, you should also check all the wires going to your battery to make sure there isn't a split,burnt, or a short in your wires. But first replace the spark plug the check your wires. I wish you the best of luck.

Larry answered 5 years ago. Shorty63 answered 2 years ago. I beleave its sicurity issue in top of colum on key cyl too wires come out thay are know for wiggling wires put wooden tooth pic in conector wire end and that should secure it and it shold start bang on collum while trying to start and it most likly will then do this tooth pic deal. Justin answered 2 years ago.

Something grounded out and prob shorted a inline fuse so when you turn the key to run you hear your fuel pump Prime the line but when you crank the motor starts then dies.

1999 chevy silverado starts then dies

It has to do with your gin. Or ecu. Pcm not telling the pump to fun. Find where it loses that run signal and problem fixed. GuruVRCY4 answered 2 years ago. I had same problem. Johnson0 answered about a year ago. We are having the same problem with it the security light stays on all the time when I try to start it and it was running fine until I changed the distributor And now doing this need help.

We are having the same problem. GuruH6X8V answered about a year ago. Engine starts right up then dies. It happened last year as well. Although I tried to start it multiple times over a couple weeks I gave it one last try after I called the tow truck.

It started right up and engine stayed running like it was supposed to. No more problems for almost a year until about a week ago. I did nothin to fix it a year ago.

I'm still trying to start it periodically like a year ago. Hopefully I'll eventually get it to stay running so I wont need to pay for a tow.I have a chevy silverado with a 5. Do you. Have you checked fuel pump pressure? Has the check engine light ever come on?

Was this answer. That is odd. THe reason I asked about the engine light is because I question the temp sensor. It tells the computer the ambient temp and coolant temp. From that, the computer decides how rich or lean to make the fuel mixture.

For example, if it is 50 degrees outside and the computer thinks it isthe fuel mixture will be too rich for the engine to run properly. Yea I've had the truck to 3 different GM dealers with no results just seem to be "throwing parts" at it in attempt to hopefully by a small chance of luck fix it, but at this point whatever gets the job done. I appreciate your time if you get anymore ideas I'm willing to try it Was this answer.

Driving 65 mph, heard a popping sound and when I was giving it gas nothing was happening and I seen my rpms drop to 0 and my power steering stopped working and now I cant get it to start back up, I dont see any fluids leaking anywhere all my electrical is still working also.

Could it be the alternator or is this an engine problem? I'm not sure about the noise, did you check accessory belt, under the hood. If it cranks good but won't start, have a helper crank it while you visually check for spark at the plugs. If spark everywhere, check fuel pressure. Start with the basics. I parked the vehicle running fine and replaced the steering column to try and eliminate the noise I experienced when turning to the right.

After replacing the column and installing my old ignition tumblers for my key, the engine turns over fine tries to run and the second you let of the key the engine dies.

Checked fuel pressure 60 lbs. Good spark it seems, and the fuel pump runs and their is good fuel quantity. Checked all the fuses and relays they test good MAP sensor when unpluged has no effect on the situation.

Could it be in the BCM. Is there a security light on? Is you ingnition switch lined up properly? You may have it off a tooth and thats why it shut off when you let off the key? No security light on and no codes, double checked the lineup of the tumblers it seems to be fine.Can anyone shed some light on this problem.

After driving my 04' Silverado all day without any problems, after the truck sat in the driveway for a couple of hours, the truck started right up, but then after about seconds it shut off. It now continue to do this. It starts normally, but then shuts off. I tried removing battery cables for a while and replacing, but no difference. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks for the help! I would also agree that it sounds like a fuel supply problem.

The cheapest thing is to replace the fuel filter and then probably the fuel pump in tank. I would also check for a fuel leak from the tank to the injectors.

You may also consider that you could have a clogged fuel injector. Sorry in my delay in replying, just got back in town. I'm going to start with the fuel filter. I'll post results. After a brief discussion with the dealer, I found out that the 04' Silverado does not have a fuel filter any longer. It simply has a screen at the bottom of the fuel pump. Also, they told me that it doesn't sound like the fuel pump, because when that goes out, it goes out, it doesn't continue to run like my truck is doing.

My truck continually starts up without a problem, but dies after about twenty seconds, so now I'm back to square one. Looks like I need to get the computer diagnosed. Thanks Rob. Rob answered 12 years ago. If this only occurs after the engine is hot, it may be an electrical problem.

When the engine is hot, two things occur: 1 thermal effect on connections - electrical connectors expand and dry solder joints or worn connectors may suffer poor contact. This is evident from several GM technical service bulletins concerning intermiitent electrical problems caused by faults with the power management computer and power distribution box. Be cautious about the GM repair by replacement policy. This will cost you time and money if it is not covered by a current warranty.

All electric fuel pumps have a sock that goes on the bottom of the pump. Devon answered 12 years ago. Actually the Silverados do not have a fuel filter. They removed them from the design in about My doesn't have one outside the fuel tank. I've traced all the lines because I didn't believe it either but all they have is the screen at the fuel pump inlet and the screens at the injectors.

Rich answered 12 years ago.I have changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, mass air flow, fuel filter. Tested the fuel pressure and it is good. Also, tested spark. It was a bit weak, but sparking. Any suggestions why it would start up then then stall immediately?

Do you. My first thought was the theft system?

Engine Shutting off after about 10-20 seconds on 2004 Silverado 1500

If not I would replace the crankshaft angle sensor which sound like it is having a problem. This guide will help you step by step. Was this answer. I checked for codes, but none popped. The security light would flash as I start it, but then disappears arfter it starts, then dies.

Also, the igition is still on the "on" position with no security light. Im not sure if the security light should keep flashing. If it was the security system, the light should have stayed on or flashing, plus codes.

Does it die without putting it in gear? Without something to point us in some direction??

Starts then shuts off

When the engine stalls do you hear the fuel pump in the tank running? I just came back from iraq and it wont start.

But yes, I would start it, run for a few seconds then die with no time to get it in drive. As for the fuel pressure, when I crank it, pressure builds to. I want to say 65 and it holds. My neighbor helped me change out the crankshaft sensor and the problem is fixed!

Thanks for helping me I love this site. Glad you could get it fixed, that kind of problem can be tough. Please use 2CarPros anytime we are here to help. Shut off while I was driving and now it will not start. I checked the fuel pump and my fuel filter and my spark plugs are getting a spark. I have not hooked it up to a computer because I had it towed to my home. What should I look at next for the it ran for a second then cut back off? Check the fuel pressure if it is within specs. Pulled over tried to turn on but will not start what can it be?

Video Click to enlarge.

2003 Silverado FIXED UPDATE starts then shuts off

Hello, I am Danny. Have you tested the fuel pressure? I have attached a link on how to steps. If you do not have one most auto part stores Pep Boys, O'Reilly's, Autozone have a free tool loaner program. Your car should have P. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions if needed.Search your problem.

Search Log in Sign up. Silverado Problems Stalls More specific problems:. Starts and stalls 1. Starting 19 Engine 19 Fuel pump 5 Other problems. Top problems. Stalls Solved Chevrolet Silverado miles. Fuel pump Stalls. My Chevrolet Silverado stalls in the traffic lights. I've been told the cause might be the fuel pump, any other suggestions? Comment Same issue here. Best answer according to sam.

Thanks, sam, you were right. The valve was loose and thus absorbing air. Thank you very much for your help. Starts but Stalling while driving at low rpm Chevrolet Silverado 5. Fuel pump Battery Alternator Stalls. Stalls out while driving at low rpmchanged alternator, battery and 2brand new fuel pumps and still stallsgetting worse, before temp gets up it seems to run A ok????

Please help!! Nailbender from Canada 4 years ago NA. Idles rough and stalls out Chevrolet Silverado 4. My silverado idles extremely rough and stalls out when i press on the gas i can sometimes keep it running but barely does anyone know what it could be. Rdnck from United States 5 years ago RD. Changed steering colum in now it starts bu for a few seconeds and dies Chevrolet Silverado chevy silverado4. Steering Won't start Stalls Starting.

Once warmind up it will studer then die Chevrolet Silverado 4. Truck once warm will studer and fie or just die wait a few minutd and it will stsrt. Then sfter a few minutes it does it agai have changed coil icm plugs wires distributor cap and module.

Also throdle position censpor cleaned throttle body. Could my catilatc converter by baf.

1999 chevy silverado starts then dies

Help have to go to work tomorrow. Starting then stalling Chevrolet Silverado miles. Ok I went to start my truck today and then a few seconds later it died.


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